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On  Monday the 2nd of January, we headed up to Shoreline leisure centre  in Greystones withthree  to four other schools sports hall.In order to practise for this event every Friday we would go to the community hall and practised  on boards, vertical jump , hurdles ,javelin ,ball throw speed bounce, double  jump triple jump and relays.Our coach was Mr Peter Savage.

Then Ms  Tracy gave us our numbers. Then Ms Shannon would call our  sport out. Three boys had speed bounce, three on javelin and three girls had triple jump and three girls had vertical.
After  we  were done, we had relays, first was myself and Tiernan. Ciara and Tara.Patricija and Jodi,Brona and Natalia. Glen and Zach were in a group,J.D and Boris ran  in two person relay.
BrĂ³na,Natalia,Sarah and Kellie were in the same group.
Thomas,Khlaudiuz,Rory and Owen were in a group.

The relays were
two people ran and did one run at board, lift off it and sprint back and do it on the other side.
four people ran  and did  two laps each .
The same board rule applied for four as well.
All had to start at the black line
On the way back,we were all very tired and we enjoyed our day out from school.
By:James Noble.

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