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                                    Orienteering 2015
On Wednesday morning we had to be at the school for 9 o'clock because something special was about to happen. We were going orienteering. We had to go on a bus because all of 5th and 6th class children were going for the first time ever. It was in Tymon Park in Dublin and it was a 1 and a half hour drive but it was worth it. When we arrived at the park the teachers asked anyone if they needed to go to the toilet. After that we headed on down to a spot that was far away but it was a beautiful spot. We waited until it was time to get in line and when our numbers were called out we stuck our finger in the box and made a beeping noise and then we were ready to run. It was very easy to find some control boxes but some were actually very hard to find. When it got to 7 you needed a lot of brains and eyes to find it but it was great fun. I didn’t hit all the control boxes so I got a DNF (did not finish). Even though I got a DNF was still fun and I really enjoyed it. Then everyone lined up and went off to the bus and went to school. As soon as we got to the school our parents were waiting for us. We had a fabulous day and I can’t wait to go on the next orienteering trip.

By Jake Kelly  

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