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Grandparents Day and Mass

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On the 30th January 2015 our school had grandparents day.They came into our classrooms at 10am to see how we learn. we performed a song from Peace Prom (music).Some people also stand up and spoke and talked about things that we have in our school like school garden,JEP program and Peace Proms some grandparents were amazed that we could stand up and talk about all the things we do co confidently. The Parents Association made sandwiches,buns and cakes that the grandparents could eat at break time. Then it was break time and we got to play with our grandparents it was two breaks together because later we are going to have a monster quiz. After the break we went to the hall to have the monster quiz some questions were like what is the biggest mountain in Wicklow and what is the biggest river in Ireland and then we were able to go home with our grandparents took us home.   
If someone had no grandparents they got a volunteer to be their grandparent for the day so every child got a grandparent.
There was a lady called Kathleen Donegan that told us how she was little and needed to evacuated from London because the Second World War was declared and she was sent to live with a host family in the country for safety.Kathleen did not get to be reunited with her birth parents until the war was over and she was eight years old .It was a fantastic story.
By Dominik Jakobczak and Dylan Nolan

                      Grandparents Mass
                                                      By Liam Tighe

On the 1 of February Saint Brigids Day we went to mass with our Grandparents.We sang songs for them and prayed for them.We planted a daffodil bulb last September for them and gave it to them at mass.My granny said a poem called Grandparents poem.We practisted our songs twice during the week in school.There were about 50 grandparents there and there were about 60 children there singing. There was 4 servers severing mass Father Gahan was saying mass.He is our  local Parish  Priest in Tinahely and  he is also chaplain to our school.The grandparents were very special on that day.

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