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                           Our School Garden
Recently we have been laying down bark mulch in our school garden because we have planted Sage, Thyme and Rosemary with Mrs. Hart in a place where they can get lots of light to grow. We check on the new plants that we have planted to make sure that no weeds are surrounding them or the food that they are trying to survive on will be eaten by the weeds and eventually the plants would die while the weeds could take over. Mrs. Hart has been teaching us about how far roots of any tree can grow to by measuring your tree by its height then getting a piece of string the same height as your tree and place it at the trunk of your tree, then lay the string as far as it goes and the end of the string will tell you how far your tree’s roots have grown (this is how far the roots have grown all around the tree). We have also learned about how leaves are actually useful to us, all we have to do is gather only the damp leaves that are laying around in the garden (the leaves from the fruit trees are the best leaves you can use for your compost) put them in a onion bag that has tiny holes so that when you hang or leave your bag full of leaves on the ground the rain can get through and the little bugs can help disintegrate these leaves. It takes about one year for this to turn into leaf mould so ‘Love them while you’ve got them then leave them.

By Jodi Murphy     

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